Upgrading to Wordpress 3.5 at year end

It’s rarely happen that we got upgrade package in the end of the year, what happen in industry nowadays usually they will have upgrade, new package, new product at beginning of the year. Take a look at specific company, they will say the launching of new product usually happen in the beginning of their fiscal year, talk to your friends who has accounting hat, they will nodding because it’s easier to record book keeping or management will say it’s easier to measure and plan the budgeting, marketing and sales figures.

Change is good

This is not happen with software industry, time has changed and now we live in fast paced environment and most of software industry they do lavishly on services, the gain is on consumer side, to make it fair the gain happen for both sides provider and consumer, consumer will have good product (provide that we select product wisely) and the provider will gain a massive marketing value and recognition.

Change, change, change

elvin jones

WordPress just release 3.5 Elvin yesterday. It wasn’t surprising that software release could be any time but it is so common that last 3 week of December is time for slow down and hit the keyboard back on January, unless WordPress team are so confident with their release so that they will not go banging their head with bug fixes on new year eve. Nevertheless I appreciate the effort and the spirit from wordpress team, their passion as startup (do we still consider wordpress as startup) still there.
It’s been successful 2012 for them.

With the spirit of change, this blog need a change as well, change it’s theme from Verbage theme to the default Twenty Twelve theme.

Critics on Twenty Twelve

I have been fans of web content so far, I don’t really know what is the name or definition by it but here is my take, I like beautifully designed web, but the main reason to visit and re-visit (this is important I guess) webpage always the information its provides meaning to say simplicity and readability are key to me. Twenty Twelve definitely supply simplicity, and the readability, it’s Open Sans font with spacing work great its pleasant to read.

I use it now and so far I like it, simple and give high degree of readability.

Twenty Twelve maybe the 3rd generation of default WordPress theme, in fact I never really bother to look default theme previously, this is why:

Its too mainstream

Its everyone urge to stand-out and bend from mainstream right? Oh, just admit it :).
I notice that the comment reply located just below the headline, well this is new to me but for what reason? I believe even in previous default theme the comment reply was located after the post content, the idea behind it is simple that people will read your post and scroll down, scroll down, and down until they finish reading and hit reply to leave comment. What make the change? does it have research on it? behavior change?

However, its time to change, I give a go figure.