Phone tale, the unknown number

Be organized, be organized, be organized …” this words always chanting in my head whenever I have difficulties to find something, but it soon disappear when I found what I searching for. I want to be organized, well who doesn’t? at least everyone would claimed or trying to.

In some part I would like to boast that I am taking care of my stuff, organize files in PC, file naming, things inside my bag. You just cannot judge from my desk, my desktop are clean and crisp 🙂 . Nevertheless one thing I am lacking of, quite contrary with detail to digital stuff, I am not good to organize phone contacts. For couple reason I have lost many contacts in my phone again and again not because it never fail to save it, it was phones who fail me, lost, break, dead brick, my contacts just gone.

It’s lame and I know I need to improve it someday… somewhere … or.. some-other-life beyond.
Procrastination kick in.

New habit, clean and simple

Having enter contact number again and again, I need to ask my family, friends, associates again and by nature it will get filtered to only numbers which I contact or receive call most, it could be that unwittingly I had apply Pareto principle, 20/80, to my contacts. Please no hurt feeling if your number were not in my list in fact I still want to take your number in my records but I don’t know how to call you :D, that’s not entirely true, changing behavior in this new social life make some people -especially that who well converse in social networking- are more comfortable to connect each other via chat, mail, tweeter, or Facebook message, or wall. I do feel that way, phone with data plan is a must.

I also build a new behavior to only take call from known number, this behavior build on experience taking blocked number or unknown number who mostly come from telemarketer.
How about, if it’s my friend who call me but I don’t have their number in my record?
To me now after sometime,

  1. I believe that they will call back for 2nd time if that was important, or
  2. At least leave a message then I can call them back.

Easy breezy.


Once I had phone call then when I call it back I learn that it was my baby call and pick up the phone, I didn’t know her phone number, because she still learning to talk as well. Yes, we kind of weird somehow.

My wife doesn’t have this behavior, she just pick up the phone and get it done with it. One day she got phone call from unknown number as well, quickly she was pick her phone up


she said, a Moslem greetings, then the voice from other end kind of freak out and asking back with higher pitch

” is this Anita?!? “

Actually I don’t really recall the name but sounds like ‘Nita’. She said ‘no’ and hung up. Well that was fun! 🙂 I just can’t imagine if it was her mother call and doesn’t cross her mind that her daughter answering with that greeting.

Until the phone rung again and confirm back that it is not “Anita” number. 😀