Personalized message from Google

My birthday was 2 month back, it is now late to congratulate myself but back than I notice small gesture from google and of course from my family come earlier.

I had been planning to post this topic but somehow I forget where did I take the screenshot from my Google page. I did clear up some space in my office desktop and I found the screenshot.
By the moment I found the file it was not come easy to jot to post, this website has got disruption that I forget to pay the bill which the billing period firing twice a year, so I learn it the hard way, and remind me to visit my own website regularly. The next one is for security reason the hosting provider turn off the encoding for security reason which one of my plugin run havoc inside and keep me away to have access inside this dear site.

Finally all the problem settled, and here is the picture:

Cute isn’t it? 🙂

As we know, Google will have daily thematic doodle, but on my birthday it will doodle Google cake and if we hover  it over the cake image it will tell

Happy Birthday Nino!

I try to click it and as expected it will google your name and give the result.

I think small gesture like this will get appreciated by Google user and grow personal connection with the service it provides.


Hot and Challenging Ramadhan

The Holy month Ramadhan this year come in difficult time. In Ramadhan Moslem are required to fast for a full month which take 29 or 30 days in a row. Islamic calendar, Hijri is calculated based on pure lunar movement, if we try to match it with Gregorian calendar we can tell that the beginning of Ramadhan is move forward each year and this year supposedly a difficult year.

crescent of ramadan seen in dubai

Physical challenge

Is physically challenging for Moslems live in northern hemisphere, Ramadhan this year come in summer season , and it takes to the extreme. Ramadhan fasting required us to start fasting by the time of sunrises and we are allowed to break our fast after sunset, this is not an issue if we live nearby in equator line like Singapore or Indonesia or most tropical country, because the season will not differ much. I lived in South Korea years back, and I can understand the fasting hardship when the tough season come.
This year it is reported in South Korea that it takes 15 hours from the sunrise to sunset, it means 15 hours of fasting, not taking anything, drink, meal, smoking, or inhale smokes if it can take your hunger down, except if you have medical condition which said otherwise. And this is not yet mentioned about heat wave, this is real danger and real killer.
Let’s take to further up, 18 and half hours in London in 1st Ramadhan 1433 hijri, Friday July 20 2012. In Norway, it is 20 hours.
And here’s another thing, let say we do the 20 hours fasting means we only have 4 hours window time to have meal, remember before sunrise – after sunset, by the time we have lavish meal after sunset, we might still feel full to take another meal on suhoor, before sunrise, 4 hours later.

To take on this extreme condition and limitation in Norway I spoke to my friend who live in Sandvika, Norway, how he can take 20 hours fasting especially to his family, fortunately a fatwa an Arabic term in suggestion given out by clerics from Norway, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Dar El Eman, Darul Iman, suggested to use an alternative prayer time, a mixture of sun movement in Norway and praying time in Mecca. We can check it out further in

Political challenge

Political challenge take part of it as well, this hot Ramadhan followed by hot Political situation this time especially in Middle East and Northern Africa. Last year there was so many political and military movement to overthrown ruling government, some is succeed like in Tunisia followed by Egypt, Syria now still in hot turmoil between the government and the oppositions worsened by more party involved in Syria’s chaos like US, Russia, and China.
Time magazine had selected them as Time People of the years 2011, people who take their right back from unjust government, the people power. Their battle still continue and they are not letting their guard down because there is a transition period after overtake old regime in this Ramadhan.

Political Islamic sect  also another things, which there in centuries,  it is nothing new there, mostly it is about opinion and suggestion which get disapproved from one or another. In Syria it was reported that one guy was killed because he come out during suhoor time to waking up people, remind them to have meal for fasting preparation, this was utterly mad.

In South East Asia

“When is the 1st Ramadhan?” was a hot topic in Indonesia,  NU, Nahdatul Ulama, and Muhammadiah is 2 big Islamic organization in Indonesia, usually will have different outcome since the last 5 years on taking new moon phase, which mark on new month. This were come in no surprise because they both use different criteria, one using rukyatul hilal, other using wujudul hilal, both also using astronomical tools and astronomical calculation. This year Muhammadiah had start fasting on Friday 20 July 2012, and NU as well as Indonesian government stated on Saturday 21 July 2012.

In my opinion , both method have their own base, literature references and correct, nevertheless, our clerics and imams should get their head together and have one voice to come up with one conclusion, ego aside. But things are not come easy, wrongly do pray, amal, in certain date would consider baseless and could considered reward-less, or at worst as sin. In this way, I would not surprise with “When is 1st Syawal?” polemic within month.

In Singapore is different this year, it is not about stir up anything, traditionally MUIS, Islamic clerical body in Singapore, use wujudul hilal criteria, the same with what Muhammadiah organization in Indonesia, but not this time. MUIS had attend Penyelarasan Rukyat dan Takwim MABIMS, Musyawarah Menteri-menteri Agama Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Singapura (MABIMS) last June 27 – 29 in Bali and stated to use imkanur rukyat MABIMS. These countries had stated the 1st Ramadhan on Saturday 20 July 2012. This is a good things and I hope we all keep using it years after, what we need is unity.

Good deeds

Ramadhan supposedly a good time to get deeds,  we should keep our emotion, lower gaze, talk only truth, pray in mosque, be good to others, give forgiveness. We have been promised on this holy month with double reward on each good deeds we do. Amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar.
Indeed what has been teach to us is contradicting with what we are facing nowadays, but let’s hope that this Ramadhan summer will move away next year and we will have better situation next Ramadhan. The 33 years cycle, Hijri calendar using pure lunar calendar, it will only have 354 or 355 days a year, it means we will have annual slide forward by 10 or 11 days, let’s hope that we will not facing tougher challenge next Ramadhan, at least until 33 years later?
Our hardship is now being tested, and if we keep the faith and patient with the test come upon us, we hope it counted as good deeds, InsyaAllah.

How we usually practice it is by having suhoor, early morning meal before sunrise, start of fast, and have lavish meal after sunset, not a surprise full month of fasting usually end up gaining weight instead of loosing it 🙂 Mosque will be busy with prayers days and nights and In the end of the month we will pray Ied together with family.

Happy Ramadhan 1433 Hirji.

Ramadhan Mubarak!

One Day Bureaucracy

Two weeks back I was going back to Jakarta, the capital. The last time I visit Jakarta was alone, for just 2 days on weekends, reach Jakarta on Friday night, and return back Sunday night. Now I am going with my family.

We had planned this trip months before. Me, Wulan, and Nina finally has a chance to travel together. We never had a chance to travel together so far, the arrangement usually goes like this, Wulan and Nina, they will go first, and later I pick them up then we had chance travel together back to Singapore.

This trip mainly Wulan agenda, it was her friend, Mayang wedding. It was never a surprise, the travel I mean, and the wedding, Wulan had time to prepare all the necessary things, like the dress, gift, tickets, car, accommodation, but things always popping up at last minutes right? this too, not an exception.

This just take my spirit, my vibrant gone on this trip, I suddenly feel tired.

She asked me if I want to drive a car, either I take the Dark-blue Mazda in Duren Sawit, rent a car, or just take taxi. Simple question, simple answer, “I don’t want to drive, use taxi, or get a car with driver” 🙂 , then followed by arguments, argue about traffic, driving skills, motorcycle, food, body massage-well, it just somehow popup-, however, I then notice that my driver license will expired on the next September.
I should utilize this trip to extend my driving license.
Good Idea, we extend our trip 2 days more, in-case you cannot finish this stuff in one day, she said.
This means we will going back to Singapore on Tuesday night, from the original plan just to using weekends, so I need to take 2 days from my annual leave, that’s fine.

The expired driving license means it was 5 years since I am going to Police Department Office, my mind just fly back on that day, Daan Mogot, crowded with people taking driving test, cramping from counter to counter, pay here pay there. Ooohhhh.
This just take my spirit, my vibrant gone on this trip, I suddenly feel tired.
That’s it, I don’t want to drive.
I’ve said it. Rock Solid.

Then we arrange to rent a car, with driver.

Three days before we’re going to Jakarta, I am start thinking to make International Driving License, why not? right? If it can be done at least until Tuesday, so let me take it as a challenge.

I start to goggling on the requirements, well, ‘I‘ is not the right wording, it’s Wulan actually, then I got the necessary document needed, mainly copy of existing drive licenses, and copy of ID, we also required to show the original. Now the interesting part is the processing time, it was said, take about 30 minutes, OK, less than an hour.
It is possible to continue to make International Driving License, in one day! … don’t jinx it.

The DITLANTAS, Indonesian traffic police department, has initiative to improve their public service, they have so called “Moving Services”, SIM Keliling, they will serve as moving spot to create new driving license or extend it.
Remember what I said earlier on my nightmare in Daan Mogot? DITLANTAS try to break up pack of peoples in one place, which I think this is a good move.
SMS service also available, this will update the service location on this day, since the service designed to keep moving. You send the SMS, it will reply locations spot and operating time, if we send another question to the same number, it will reply the same 😀 , so it is operated by bot, what do you expect.

For the International Driving License, this is different deal, I need to go to MT Haryono, the DITLANTAS headquarter, the requirement more or less the same, with addition, passport picture wearing tie -for me, man-,  with blue background.
The picture requirement comes with more handle, I forgot how to tie a tie, I wear it regularly 7 years back, but somehow I made it, just to look good on picture. Blue background not available in Wulan’s sister place, her place dominated with white color, with only gray colored wall in her terrace. My Photoshop mind start playing how to change the background to blue, white or gray.
Think fast, time is tight. This just to show you that I don’t prepare well on this matter.
White is better because gray a bit difficult to separate it with dark haired color. The problem is, Wulan brought me a white shirt.
Quickly, we are going outside to terrace wearing shirt with tie, and short, made a quick burst picture couple of times, just enough provided that neighbor  don’t see this embarrassment unprepared moment.

we should plan carefully if we want to swim in Jakarta traffic

SMS has been sent, and received the reply, got the moving spot where are the available SIM Keliling. I can see it now, I am starting from Kedoya, and I can stop here, here, and finish the work here. Like a war strategist, we should plan carefully if we want to swim in Jakarta traffic, really, we need to consider time, route, trap here and there like the 3 in 1 rule which required 3 person in one car at specific -busy- time and road, and unfortunately I really forget about this rule, and that’s the fun of it 🙂
I started Monday morning at 8 am, first we need to drop of my cousin in Sudirman, her office, fortunately we reach there at about 9 but my driver remind me th 3 in 1! we en-route a bit so we can go in from backdoor, with a parking fee which was unexpected, but much better compared to if Police, from DITLANTAS, catch us, what an irony.
She was 15 minutes late from the official office starting time but I consider it acceptable, I don’t know what she said about it thou :p. So now we have 2 options either go to print out the picture first or go as planned, we take according to the plan, we went to Thamrin city, we are heading there via Slipi and reach Thamrin City in about 30 ~ 45 minutes, it takes longer because I don’t know the exact SIM Keliling location, we ask couple of people to show us the location and people are helpful.

SIM Keliling stand in basement parking lot, nearby Thamrin City’s basement lobby, oversize square-ish vehicle washed white base color and stripped with 3 blue greater than sign attached with red-blue siren and announcer on top, air conditioner on behind, easy to spot it even for the first timer. I drop on and ask the driver to find a parking lot and go have a brunch, I walked across the basement passage and three people waiting in small chair next to lobby, opposite the lobby door there the car with 1 door and 1 big window we can see couple of officers working inside and one officer outside assisting one guy in small squared folding table with necessary equipment, they keep it minimal and simple, stationary, cash box, and form sheets.
Oh great I’m fifth, not so bad. I thought.
On my turn, I went to the officer and give the necessary requirement, I give my A and C license, for car and motorcycle respectively, and show my ID card to clarify my residency is under Jakarta jurisdiction, so far so good, then he flashed in a form to fill in basic ID stuff like ID number, address, contacts, we all know this drill, after finished filling it in and give the form back, he asked me to wait until my name called while he give my form to another officer inside the car.

old habit never die

“Nino Wicaksono”
It’s been less than 20 minutes, service are not so bad it means it takes about 4 ~ 5 minutes per person. I went to the car and get in, cold place given air condition blowing inside cramped space, there was 3 officers, the first one asked me seating back to the door and he give me a paper with squared frame to get my signature with big bold pen, and he give it to the second officer who looking through the computer processing the card while asked me seat in small chair facing to a camera, and on it’s back there was cover of blue background and traces of Indonesian Police sign. He take my picture and asked me to confirm all the details on my card because he was about to process the card, and once the card is finished, both of them, I went to the third officer to process the fee.
Mas, you extend 2 driving license, for each, the fee are this much and much, and two of them in total are this much. He said
OK, then I quickly grab my wallet from my back pocket, just before i open it he said again
We also accept if you want to pay more, with a big smile of course, hahaha :)) old habit never die.
I gave him extra 20 to round it up to 300, and go outside, the officer outside give extra process to put protection layer to the license, both of them, and cost me extra 20. In total it cost me 320, but if I compare to the efficient service and 5 year license duration this still acceptable for me, in fact I am glad and appreciate on the improvement.
Improvement which take five years? just suck it up.

I really forgot that I need to extend 2 driving license, the motorcycle license really never come up because I never have a ride it for years, but it’s been done, now I realize that I run out of money. This is another problem while traveling, unexpected fee, and we don’t have enough local currency. I will have enough cash to print out passport size picture, but not to pay for International Driving License, I need to make an extra stop, either money changer or bank, this also come with another issues, I don’t have active ATM card because I never use it the bank froze my account.

I’ll just close my account, and take all the cash than. Ha!

Benhil, Bendungan Hilir, full with stationary store lined along the road in each side, is my next stop to find photo print store in which also come with challenge, I draw my weapon again, language and asking around 🙂 , it’s vital, and finally I found it, total time from Thamrin City until I get my picture in hand is 45 minutes, not bad right?
Next stop is Supomo, in Tebet, to the bank, by this time it’s already pass the 3 in 1 rule so I can use the main road and also it’s less crowded, I reach there without a hassle, it also take 30 minutes to complete account closing process. Once it done and get cash in my hand I immediately went to MT Haryono, the DITLANTAS headquarter, by the time I reach there it’s lunch time break, I explain this more in my previous blog post. Then I get International Driving license at 2:30 pm! 🙂

So looking back at this, I went to 2 government office, and 1 private office (shouldn’t count this) and overall it takes less than a day to finish if off, compared to my previous experience this are really huge jump. It still a long and rough road to go, old habit still there, but now they keep it moderate, at least for what I see so far.

I am glad.

SIM Internasional

Selama ini saya menikmati transportasi umum di luar negri, bagi saya transportasi umum yang layak dan nyaman adalah syarat negara maju, artinya negara yang sudah bertindak memikirkan rakyatnya.

Saya bersyukur di Singapura karena disini hampir semua tempat tujuan yang ingin saya kunjungi memiliki akses transportasi umum. Di beberapa tempat memang sulit dijangkau dengan jalur bis, ada tempat-tempat makan yang sedikit mahal mewah dan unik seperti dempsey road atau kemarin saya menemukan tempat baru di belakang fusionpolis, atau bagi orang Indonesia, agak sulit juga menuju KBRI Singapura kan?
Karena frekuensi kita mengunjungi tempat-tempat ini tentunya tidak sering, maksimal sebulan sekali, kebutuhan untuk jalur transportasi tidak terlalu terasa, menggunakan taxi lebih nyaman, terutama jika kita berpergian bersama keluarga atau teman. Setir mobil juga bisa, kalau punya mobil.

Tapi sesuai pepatah, sedia payung sebelum hujan, bagaimana jika kita kepepet dan harus nyetir mobil? jalan-jalan keliling kota sewa mobil, travelling keluar negri menggunakan mobil juga bisa menghemat akomodasi, asalkan kuat pegel-pegel, apalagi jika kita sudah pengalaman bawa mobil, sayang kan skill yang kita miliki tidak bisa dipakai hanya karena belum dapat ijin, dan biayanya pun cukup murah, SIM Internasional Rp 250.000 untuk pembuatan baru, dan Rp 225.000 untuk perpanjangan.

Hmmm murah juga kan. OK jadi deh, semakin manteb saya mau bikin 🙂 .

Persyaratan dan prosedur pembuatan SIM internasional

Saya googling sebentar untuk lihat syaratnya, biasa saja, seperti syarat perijinan lainnya:

  • 1 buah materai
  • 3 lembar pas foto ukuran 4×6 dengan latar belakang biru dan berdasi/blazer
  • KTP asli dan  fotocopy, Untuk WNA, KITAP asli dan fotocopy
  • SIM asli dan  fotocopy
  • Passport asli dan 1 lembar fotocopy

Harus datang sendiri ( tidak boleh diwakilkan ) ke DITLANTAS Jakarta, Jl. MT Haryono Kav 37-38 sederetan dengan menara Saidah, yang katanya sudah dikosongkan karena miring kearah jalan, hati2 jgn lupa ucap bismillah kalo lewat :D, ada jalan dengan gapura bertuliskan DITLANTAS besar, jadi kebangetan kalo nyasar, tulisannya saja kelihatan dari seberang jalan.
Begitu masuk, saya tanya ke petugas disana lokasi pembuatan SIM Internasional, kita tinggal jalan lurus, lokasinya tepat disebelah masjid, masjidnya kelihatan, ini juga ga mungkin nyasar.

Saya kemarin menggunakan mobil, dari arah pancoran kita bisa ambil u-turn, putar balik dibawah kolong Tebet. Bisa juga menggunakan busway turun di halte Tebet BKPM.
Jika dari luar kota, dan tidak begitu paham dimana MT Haryono saya sarankan naik taxi saja, daripada kesasar dan waktu habis dijalan, untuk mengikuti prosedur birokrasi seperti ini saya lebih memilih untuk datang awal.

Sayangnya ketika tiba di sana, pas disaat jam makan siang, konyolnya malah mampir ke warung untung makan siang tanpa ambil nomor antrian dulu, jadinya nomor antrian saya 15 nomor dari nomor yang saat itu dilayani, ya sudahlah salah sendiri, manyun sambil main twitter :p .
Mungkin karena ikhlas, man sabara zafira, siapa yang bersabar beruntung, nomor sebelum saya yang dipanggil ternyata tidak ada yang menjawab mungkin hanya 5 dari 15 yang ada jadi progress saya sekitar 60% lebih cepat! sekitar jam 2 siang (lebih sedikit) nomor saya sudah dipanggil.

Prosesnya cukup cepat mungkin sekitar 15 ~ 20 menit saja, SIM Internasional sudah di tangan saya jam 2:30, dan lagi petugas yang melayani juga ramah, kita serahkan persyaratannya, isi formulir dan data, tanda tangan, foto, scan sidik jari dan tinggal menunggu simnya, setelah SIM jadi kita juga akan diberi buku panduan mengemudi di luar negri, cukup tebal bukunya tapi tetap harus dibaca lho, kita ingin aman, dan juga tidak ingin melukai orang lain pastinya.

untuk prosedur birokrasi, kita ikutin saja syarat tertulisnya

Sewaktu kita ngobrol dengan ibu petugasnya, diberitahukan bahwa fotonya bisa dengan menggunakan baju berkerah saja, tanpa dasi, jadi kemeja simple atau polo shirt juga diperbolehkan, tapi sebaiknya kita ikutin saja syarat tertulisnya. Pas foto saya sendiri sedikit offside warna birunya, sewaktu edit foto sepertinya saya save tidak dalam format print sehingga yang terlihat seakan biru di layar laptop tercetak keunguan, untung juga masih diterima, dan ditunjukkan warna biru yang diharapkan, contohnya dari pas foto SIM Internasionalnya Pak Habibie, duh, mau saya minta satu fotonya, sayangnya tidak diberikan 😀 , sudah salah eh pake ngelunjak hehehe.


Jika kita hitung lagi, saya perkirakan waktu tunggu antrian sekitar 2 jam dan pembuatan SIMnya sendiri 30 menit, total 2 jam 30 menit (maksimal), mari kita manfaatkan agar waktu kita effective, tidak terbuang seharian, atau harus kembali hari berikutnya.

  1. persiapkan semua syaratnya hingga semuanya lengkap, fotkopinya rangkap 2 saja, just in case. ( take your time, depend on urgency )
  2. datang ke DITLANTAS pagi-pagi, bawa bekal sarapan pagi kalau perlu ( cemilan atau sandwidch, jangan bawa tumpeng )
  3. begitu sampai, langsung ambil nomor antrian. Makan bekal yang dibawa sambil menunggu 🙂
  4. ikutin prosedur petugas

Saya perkirakan jika kita datang pagi dan ambil nomor antrian awal, seluruh prosesnya bisa selesai dalam waktu 1.5 jam, jadi jika kita bekerja tidak perlu ambil cuti, atau kuliah siang, siangnya mau shopping atau ada urusan lain kita bisa selesaikan. Jadi saya sangat sarankan cara ini.

Have fun and save drive.

The Stand Out Tattoo

It is quite common to run acroos woman wearing a sexy minimum clothing. I saw girls, womans, ladies, to kids and ocassionally I saw grannies too, yes and yes you read it right.
Here we are not to judge or anything, it just give quite a contrast when we saw their partner are usually wearing casual attire, we can see higher contrast especially when this couple going to a dinner or attending a wedding, there is more which can give this contrast but I think we got the idea.
Man in sexy attire? I never seen it before, because it’s a thin line to define sexy for Man, to show off biceps? or six-packs? somehow some woman doesn’t really look into this.
To simply put this up, to attract woman is complicated, but man is dead simple :), so ladies, don’t get me wrong with this, it’s your advantage and a compliment.

This westernized pop culture has been runs for years slowly become common in Singapore, but yes we still preserve the Asian modesty, which is, of course, a good thing. Be it in streets, shopping malls, congested public transport, they are easily spotted, some are couple, with friends, and not a rarity, alone. The save environment and strict law to the offender make it convenient to express theirself.
But this freedom also come with a limit, couple months back we had an Abercombie gigantic banner in Orchard road, Singapore shopping heartbeat, the banner show a man lower part body with almost expose his.. part, it take sometimes this banner ads get displayed but afterall raised concern get addressed to put down this banner.

At first, encountering woman with sexy attire in public space made me feel awkward, but who doesn’t if you come from culturally different background. In Islam, we are ordered to lowering gaze and be modest,

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest.” [An-Noor 30:31]

to protect yourself from whatever happened to you, or in this current culture, we call it to keep us in our Zen Mode.
Nowadays we sometimes made joke to take ‘lowering gaze’ literally, will not put us to modesty anymore, because they cut everything, upper part, lower part, everywhere :D.
I only see man used short clothing if they perform some sports activities, could be gym, running, paddling, till now, just sport. Once it happened to me to get brunch after running, it just come to me to go back and change clothes first until my friends said that compared to woman attire, we are still modest enough.

Now, I don’t pay attention at all to this womans with this attire, in congested MRT, they might be there around me, but I will get busy with my book or my cellphone, in which, literally we are lowering gaze 🙂 and now everyone looking at their cellphone, so really, above all, chatting, games, facebook/twitter status more appealing.
But this girl is stand out, hmm.. interesting, she’s using high heel, miniskirt, blonde dyed hair, backless, well this actually also common, so what is it? it is her tattoo, the tattoo visible on her white skin.
In quick glance I tought that I saw a letter.
I know that letter, so her tattoo is a words, but what was that ?
Out of curiousity I step up a bit to get closer, her tattoo located in her left back, but it written vertically.
Oh, I recognize the letter, it’s an arabic letter, but it could be farsi thou.
It is very difficult to read it is been covered partially with her left strap and other part with her hair, and the vertical position make it more difficult, arabic words start their writing from right to left, it means if we really want to read it, we need to tilt our head to the right, and who want to do this in public train? :D.

That’s it, I don’t know the meaning of those words, but I know it just a word, no harakah in there, but its enough to make me courious on what the story behind to make her put an tattoo in arabic, to me it just uncommon, and I bet her story must be interesting.
I saw people have a tattoo in Chinese character, Japanese kanji, Hindi, Sanskirt, Galeic, old Latin, and dragon, but The Girl With The Arabic Tattoo? first time.
I am back again to put my attention to the book, read another interesting story, and waiting the electronic voice announcing my station.

Bring Back The Single Single Life

Last tuesday was another office day but a busy night, that day run calmly, a bit sunny with fine temperature.
I went down to the office not knowing what day it was, or it might happen if I know that thay was special, I will ignore it, not for me, anymore.

Once I reached my desk, I did quick through at my pending task, and find one particular job I need to discuss with other team, I pick that one, it’s better to do it early when it’s hot.
We were looking at this issue closely, it’s quite fun in the process so we kind of unaware what happen around us, until big laughter made us turn our head away from screen. Ok, we had a clue to the issue, this also make me turn my guard, but the laugh is different, laugh like this in office? what’s going on?

Happy face, BIG smile, there is BIG box of chocolate with vivid color decoration, nicely packed. Oh you the lucky b.. beast, we congratulate him and he share the story, not the chocolate of course but he will have tough fun time to finish all the chocolate thou.

It was valentine day, Feb 14.

Single life was long gone, and I am not accustomed with this celebration, it just hype and not following the crowd, not riding the wave not made me outstanding, but I think I was :D, at young age everyone want to be different, special, and outstanding, don’t we?

brought me back being young

My office located opposite of NUS, it’s a good thing that I can experience this festive back, it’s brought me back being young :D, well we need to define what is: young.

I don’t know about the custom in Singapore during this festive, but I saw popular girls and boys, who lucky and I also think cute, have an abundance stuffs in their hand, literally, a LOT.
I saw the have chocolate, rose, rose bucket, handcraft, baloon! in hand, some might feel jealous to them, but it just clowny to me taking all that stuff in MRT. Oh, baloon, with shape, that’s funny.

Congratulation once more, enjoy your Single moment, with or without choccolate.

New Space, Welcome

Guys, I moved ninovsnino blog website to, this site 🙂

And the question is “why?”, of course this wordpress blog is free, spam free, and hack free, and it seem I cannot find any good stuff without adding -free at it. So why do I move to personal hosting? that’s also cost me money.
A lot of question to myself, and i convince myself to keep doing it, here is why with couple reason, I don’t know if this will work or not, time will tell.

Why do I take hassle on managing new website?
As a naturally lazy person, but might work otherwise if I had given responsibility. I usually take responsibility quite well, and since this is my own space ( i create it myself, and pay it ) i think i have something to look on at least once a week? but my expectation is more intense, more than once a week. Quite aggressive, but for my own expectation it should be higher? I believe so.

What about the extra money for hosting?
It’s inevitable, you need to pay to almost everything if you want to get your own space, in exchange we will get a freedom. I choose liberation than a dime. What I can do with such power, the outcome? this is different matter 😛

I setup this page with wordpress, means blogging again?
It is meant for personal space, of course in essence to share with other who have similar interest with what i feel, think, experience, and to express my feeling. This just a medium, there is plenty choice of media, but nevertheless wordpress is an amazing product, and i don’t see i will change it in the next 3 years. If this considered blogging, then it is.

What will happen with security issue?
I have more reason to keep it and protect it, be more resilient. I think this is a good problem to solve, and it will keep me to read more stuff.

Will I really maintain this website?
Consistentcy is the secret of a defending champion, the key ingredient. It’s easy possible to reach the top, but extremely difficult to stay at it. This actually what I lacking of, it might be my schedule or something else, but whatever it is, creating this website give me more thrill to keep looking at it, update it, share on it.

But, there is not much of visitor right?
Absolutely right, but does it really matter? 🙂

That just a simple answer, cause actually I don’t know how to have the right answer for all that questions.
However, please just enjoy it, and I am open with all comment and suggestion to improve myself.

Have fun in