Bring Back The Single Single Life

Last tuesday was another office day but a busy night, that day run calmly, a bit sunny with fine temperature.
I went down to the office not knowing what day it was, or it might happen if I know that thay was special, I will ignore it, not for me, anymore.

Once I reached my desk, I did quick through at my pending task, and find one particular job I need to discuss with other team, I pick that one, it’s better to do it early when it’s hot.
We were looking at this issue closely, it’s quite fun in the process so we kind of unaware what happen around us, until big laughter made us turn our head away from screen. Ok, we had a clue to the issue, this also make me turn my guard, but the laugh is different, laugh like this in office? what’s going on?

Happy face, BIG smile, there is BIG box of chocolate with vivid color decoration, nicely packed. Oh you the lucky b.. beast, we congratulate him and he share the story, not the chocolate of course but he will have tough fun time to finish all the chocolate thou.

It was valentine day, Feb 14.

Single life was long gone, and I am not accustomed with this celebration, it just hype and not following the crowd, not riding the wave not made me outstanding, but I think I was :D, at young age everyone want to be different, special, and outstanding, don’t we?

brought me back being young

My office located opposite of NUS, it’s a good thing that I can experience this festive back, it’s brought me back being young :D, well we need to define what is: young.

I don’t know about the custom in Singapore during this festive, but I saw popular girls and boys, who lucky and I also think cute, have an abundance stuffs in their hand, literally, a LOT.
I saw the have chocolate, rose, rose bucket, handcraft, baloon! in hand, some might feel jealous to them, but it just clowny to me taking all that stuff in MRT. Oh, baloon, with shape, that’s funny.

Congratulation once more, enjoy your Single moment, with or without choccolate.


Our Celebrity Peer

Having done writing code for years, sparks my interest to other celebrity coders out there, maybe the celebrity label is not the right fit for them, because they are really good at our profession, good thinker, and engineer, who really care about their work quality.

good engineering, talent, focus, self-esteem, dedication, and hard-work

Celebrity might not a right word but it is not rare to other profession as well, I believe in other business they also have what they called it the rock star of …let say… almost anything! you have your financial manager/advisor peer with midas touch, turn their investor money to gold paper (I wish I know them, introduce me please, I am IN), your plastic surgeon peer where movie star line up to get his schedule, your CEO peer who create market, your lawyer peer who always nailed good case, your Dubai’s skyscraper architect peer, and it also go to simple things like your sculptor peer from the next shop, recording artist, youtube artist, shoe maker, painter, driver (Jason Statham should ring a bell)?, we can put all fields and the list is go on and on.
Oh, OK, they are celebrity, with their own audience depend on how you define it.

To rock star coder it is a mixture of good engineering, talent, focus, self-esteem, dedication, and hard-work. That was just on personal factor, just to be complete there’s also other factor in time, peers, market, and bit of competition.

Rock star attribute is not that mentioned, it’s actually not defined, what defined them is mostly on their work result. We need to trace it backward, we call it debugging, which is part of our work, but here is how we have defined who is our rock star peer,
we got their great work/product, find the man behind it, see, look, study how they achieve it, what is their behaviour, way of thinking, and we can break down the attribute for such person/company rock star.

Having all the rock star attribute will not guarantee you will produce great product, it will increase the probability, yes, but not guarantee, in this area is where we can bet on them, put our money to invest in, and in fact this is what Venture Capital do, and making money.

3 years back in my old company we have project, on the initial meeting my Project Manager striving for one particular resource “I want HIM!”, how sweet.
“How he did it?”, I asked my colleague. He’s joining the company the same batch with the rock star.
“It’s the same when we were at school remember? there is always a kid with a top grades, it happen like that” he reply it with relaxed smile, like just telling me it’s just happen everywhere, there is no secret in it.

Here is what I learn from the rock star, I work with him about 5 years ago, back then when we were in South Korea, we got critical issues, always the same coder story, he came, take the toughest issue, sit there till 3 am the next day, and solve it, going back to hotel, return at 8:30, repeat for the next 3 days for the other 3 top issues, come the attribute:

  • hard work and patient
  • attention to detail
  • find the root cause
  • compare several solution to tackle the issue, find the best.
  • get feedback and review
  • test the final solution

nothing special it seems, but that was make a celebrity, the steps are hard, simple and obvious.

Behind the steps it require you to understand what are you working at, sometime we are young coder don’t understand what we are working at, I see it a lot these day in young coder, but it might be my reflection back then.


Just don’t deliver crappy work!

we are the celebrity. 🙂

many things to DO

Hey Guys, quite a long absence yea?

Theese days I’ve been busy with works -of course-, the tight schedule, demanding customer, 3rd party schedule -here we count another department as 3rd party-, timezone, bugs!.
But of course that should be another part to make it more glittery, traveling -yeap, i love this part- but, facing the killing schedule, it just take away my expectation in traveling and dump my love of it, tie and keeping me always on my desk or labs. -not only keep me in office, but desk, note that!-  😦 . Now itself my compie shows 11:09 pm and still some hours eaten process need to DO.

Last week we got mail distributes among the team member that the team in Seoul take some task, integrate it, and tested successfully at 3 am.

busy in all places.


Another boring day for me. In the middle of hectic project i still can say like this.. amazing 😀

After returning back from Bangalore, i thought my archive database will act normally, but it is not, it is become a dumb machine, due to network i guess, the database is in Bangalore, me here at Singapore.

Need to start using my PC at Bangalore again… deleting old archive over there, check out new archive, and I dont know what to do with the archive in my laptop, just big chunk eating hard disk space called 5 gig piece of junk then. useless 😦

Wasting my time. suwwwiiiiii…

Kantor Baru

Gw memang sudah janji mau nulis tentang kantor baru gw, but my hand is full with jobs, sometime it’s really make my brain stop moving, uhm, well .. most of the time 😀 .

Setelah banyak drama, dan banyak konsekuensi yg mesti dipertimbangkan, akhirnya gw tetap memutuskan untuk pindah kantor -sesegera mungkin-. It was 2 month + ago, ha, yes, i’m that lazy. Gw udah join di kantor baru 2 bulan lalu, awal april, just with some trick i’m avoiding start work at april mop 😀 .

Gw kerja di NXP Semiconductors, mbabu disini, sedikit background cerita kok gw bisa cepet join kesini? Ok, gw udah pernah kerja joinan di project NXP, it was a big blow, means, really blow, but we learn a lot, it was 9 month we spent our effort back there, so basically, they know me. Trus, 7 bulan yg lalu gw juga udah ditawarin join ke tempat mereka, karena sesuatu dan lain hal, ga begitu lancar, masih ada beberapa issue, sampai akhirnya mereka coba kontak gw ke Gumi dan gw udah ngga ada disana, and guess what, i met my friend who offer me this job, in the street, in Singapore 😀 , trus lancar deh, ditanya, eh Nino, kok disini, masi mau join di tempat kita ndak? gw jawab: “sure” -dan gw bener2 nyengir lebar-

Trus terjadi deh kejadian yg bikin gw depresi, 2 bulan notice, dll bla.bla.bla -skip aja- trus officially join. Dan dengan suksesnya gw langsung ditendang ke Bangalore, join sama team yg sudah on peak selama 5 bulan dan gw baru join, langsung kerja full speed, tiap hari pulang jam 11, ga ada libur, sabtu minggu masuk, memang lagi critical state sih projectnya, trus balik lagi, dilanjutin remote support dari Singapore 1 bulan, cape emang. Sampe akhirnya kemarin ada kabar bagus, project yg gw kerjain mati2an itu dapet flag MP, we’re going on the road 😀 . Happy.

metal fix

Kemarin gw lagi berjuang buat ganti standby sistem, ternyata ribet juga buat gw hehehe, padahal konsepnya gampang, tapi step2 yg dikerjakan rada2 bikin keki.

Gara2 ada problem di main chip kita, ada perbaikan yg namanya metal fix, setelah kita dapatin board dengan metal fix chip ini, standby sistem kita juga harus diupgrade.

Ini step2 yg mesti gw lakuin kemarin,
1. by standby port, flashing standby hex
2. uart prot, execute flasheraseall /dev/mtd
2.1 uart port, upgrade ./ph****s/apps/upgrade (optional)
3. by taste, pake probe or ejtag, update kernel linuxnya
4. cek currentmain nvm nya kl perlu, kl salah ya direset, kl ngga biarin aja
5. upgrade bootstrap, by upg apps – usb
6. upgrade mips apps by upg – usb


I was spend 4 hours for this, and all the double-confirm for the standby version. Pathetic for the effort, not bad for the result given 😉

oiya, kelupaan, gw udah pindah company 😀 ntar2an gw tulis


Gw sekarang berasa amat2 ribet sama urusan kantor, bukan berasa sih sebenernya, emang ribet. Mo resign, tapi masi aja ada halangan, ditekan kanan kiri, satu nyuruh gw cepet2 resign, dan cepet join di tempat baru, satu lagi nahan2 degan segala macem alesan.

Akibatnya, sekarang udah januari akhir2, udah mau deket sama lunar new year, dan dengan kondisi serba ngga pasti gini susah juga mo bikin acara ikutan liburan ke Indo, padahal dah mupeng banget ngelihat temen pada ngobrolin tiket inilah tiket itulah.

Mau gw banyak dan kalo bisa terlaksana, tapi ya apa daya, masih jadi barang komoditas 🙂