I’m getting married

Romadhon is over.. but it left me a good memories. I proposed Njeh, and i got the expected reaction 🙂 , it is quite a good experience eh? consider that it was my first experience proposed someone, and I’m not doing that frequently for sure 😉 hehehe.


when is the big day? “hmm im not planning to have a “big” day, just a simple one, let us see whether that’ll go big or simple. It is will not fall in this year, most probably in next year, 2009. I will update later for the exact month and date. I wish all your blessing friends.”

do you exchange rings? “it was quite sudden, and i have no plan to over do. it just simply act and execute hehe”

why? how do you feel? “no why and no how, I will not discuss it but I will only discuss it with you after you proposed 🙂 “