Acquiring Knowledge

Once we’re graduate from school we are expected to learn some and rightfully knowledgeable on a certain subject we’re pursuing.

Learning broad subject in schools or books doesn’t mean we really understand it. Once my teacher said that the best way to understand is to teach someone the subject that we want to master. Teaching the same subject make her easily solve many problem variants, that makes sense.
Repetition is key.

We’re living in a continuous learning experience, once we thought that we’re mastering something there’ll be something new that comes up and have to deal with. I’d take a step back and recall that knowledge is understood.
I make 2 mental step in the back of my mind to understand a subject:

  1. I need to explain to myself what is it in the nutshell and then go into its details.
  2. I should be able to explain and make them understand the subject matter to a 5 graders or my granny.

If I can’t make the second step, I might not grasp the nutshell or I simply don’t understand it properly. Back to square one. It might take some time but it’s worth the time invested, once we understand it – it won’t simply goes away.


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