The best endeavor

There are memes that showing contrast on approach to result.

One picture showing old and wrinkle vegan activist, and other picture showing old yet looks lively, vibrant actress coming with tag line she eats meats.

There’s also story telling that one lady did her diet, strictly controlling her food intake, take vitamins and supplements under professional supervision, did all health checks regularly. On top of that she also did her exercises. She died in her 50s. On the other hand, this guy eats everything, no control on his food intake, be it junk food or salt and sugar, walk and commute are counted as exercise. He’s in his 80s now, well and energetic with no signs of him slowing down.

Another familiar story that we have experienced it before is one students burning midnight oils for exams ended up with C grades, other lucky fella glance through textbook minutes before ended up with A.

Those stories present one facts and deliver opinions that minimal effort triumphant in the end of the day. Case by case basis, of course, but let sink in for a while, does it make a better version of you? Most probably not, it will make us depends on luck a lot.

Skimming get you A in Data Structure 1, might not be the case in Data Structure 2. Keep eating unhealthy might still you long life expectancy, but don’t you think it’s better if we have healthy lifestyle? Imagine if that 80 years old guy if he have healthy lifestyle, he might broke oldest man alive. That lady who passed away in her 50 might not reach 30 years if she didn’t have healthy lifestyle.

We control our own life. Be a better person, you know what best for you. Strive hard to that direction. This is one value that I want to instill in my family.


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