New year, new look. Hello 2016

I’m trying to back again. And this time, I promise to myself to come back here often and write often. I know, I said the same line couple years back.

It’s tough to maintain consistency, tough if we’re not make it as a habit. So here I am want to get better on that by setting up an attainable goals, and more importantly, I’ll make writing as a habit.

Sigh. That’s tough, I don’t know what I’m sign up to.

Oh well, life is tough, just do it and move on. To start off, let’s do makeover, by giving fresher look it will keep the writing spirit high.

Here are couple themes that I’d like to give it a go:

I pick none of them, I do really consider it though. Theme and look in the end it’s a matter of personal taste, I picked Independent Publisher, it has good typography, simple layout, and it looks good in both desktop and phone.

Now here come the hard part, writing.

Hello 2016. 🙂


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