The 3rd overturn, a Parma – Roma review

Reading the game

Parma – Roma match is the last match on 3rd week in Serie A. Looking on the table result from previous match, only Napoli who maintains 100% win in 3 games gaining 9 point.

This game could be Roma chance to join on the top, under newly appointed coach Rudi Garcia Roma able to maintain 2 consecutive win pocketing 6 points. On the paper Roma only loosing once in eight years to Parma, the atmosphere were high on The Capital side to win the game. However these once lose was happen last year when Roma under Zdenek Zeman, and Parma’s still with current Mister, Roberto Donadoni.

Parma were on 10th table last season, a refreshment on the squad were take on especially by signing game changer, troubled striker and former Roma’s fan favorite Antonio Cassano, to match up with current squad Amauri, Massimo Gobi, and Jonathan Biabiany. Considering Parma squad is an upgrade, Parma campaign this season wasn’t good at all by only collecting 1 point, draw with Chievo on first match followed by 3-1 flop in Udine.

Rudi Garcia take, it will always a danger to take on wounded opponent who want to prove themselves. Historical record meant to keep aside.

First Half

Donadoni has broader experience with Italia national team, keep his 3-5-2 preference and try to nullify its opponent advantage in the wing, Parma side applying tight pressure on the wing with Mattia Cassani – Jonathan Biabiany and Massimo Gobi – Nicola Sansone always tracking Roma’s Alessandro Florenzi and Adem Ljajic respectively, in tandem when defending and attacking. Clearly, one man mark is not enough to nullify Roma attack from the wing.

This tactic is working very well, Roma not able to penetrate Parma from both side, blocking most of Roma cross, as a bonus, 2 Roma full back, Douglas Maicon and Frederico Balzaretti not able to roaming around joining Roma attacking stream, they didn’t have the freedom, supply completely shut down from both flank. In the attacking phase 25 years old Biabiany take advantage his speed and prime over 31 years Balzaretti, although the first goals not fully Balzaretti mistake, Parma right flank duo caught him out of position when Biabiany scoring a header from Cassani’s cross.

Parma’s approach to the game is to keep watching Roma’s attacking winger pull all players closer to goalkeeper Mirante around penalty box. Here is Roma take to breaking the game, long shoot. Roma always scoring goals from the box in each game, their conversion rate from long shoot open their 6 points rewards, in the first 45 minutes 2 out of 3 long shoot attempts were made, one shoot successfully blocked, two other shot are on target.
Donadoni need to do something about this.

Second Half

So far so good for Parma side, first half assessments were right to cut off supply from both flank, leaving one problem on Roma long shoot. Hoping defender to block all shoot weren’t possible; pushing the defender high is his choice to lowering chance for long shoot. Roma cannot shoot that long.
Donadoni is good tactician, however Roma’s Rudi Garcia reading the game.

After Florenzi quick shock goal in the beginning of second half, Parma intention to push the defender up looks clear and Rudi Garcia open up his turf card, Gervinho. With the defender high up true that it will get difficult to shoot from this range but it will leave room and space between defender and goalie, and Roma have other things that they excel at: speed and killer pass through.

Roma have taken the overturn now, with quality passer from midfield Kevin Strootman and Miralem Pjanic both of them combined has produced numbers of key pass, notably Strootman pas to Francesco Totti who escape from offside trap, to make a mark on Roma 2nd goal. He even get a moment to trick Parma keeper before shooting.

Third goal coming from counter attack with combined speed from Gervinho, he beat last defender who have no choice to fault him in penalty box. Strootman convert it perfectly to the roof of the goal and mark this as his first goal for AS Roma.

Final score: Parma 1 – 3 Roma.

Next giornata, 1 point Parma will pay visit to zero point Catania. This win for Roma will be a good motivation for derby della capitale against Lazio.

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