Personalized message from Google

My birthday was 2 month back, it is now late to congratulate myself but back than I notice small gesture from google and of course from my family come earlier.

I had been planning to post this topic but somehow I forget where did I take the screenshot from my Google page. I did clear up some space in my office desktop and I found the screenshot.
By the moment I found the file it was not come easy to jot to post, this website has got disruption that I forget to pay the bill which the billing period firing twice a year, so I learn it the hard way, and remind me to visit my own website regularly. The next one is for security reason the hosting provider turn off the encoding for security reason which one of my plugin run havoc inside and keep me away to have access inside this dear site.

Finally all the problem settled, and here is the picture:

Cute isn’t it? 🙂

As we know, Google will have daily thematic doodle, but on my birthday it will doodle Google cake and if we hover  it over the cake image it will tell

Happy Birthday Nino!

I try to click it and as expected it will google your name and give the result.

I think small gesture like this will get appreciated by Google user and grow personal connection with the service it provides.


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