The Stand Out Tattoo

It is quite common to run acroos woman wearing a sexy minimum clothing. I saw girls, womans, ladies, to kids and ocassionally I saw grannies too, yes and yes you read it right.
Here we are not to judge or anything, it just give quite a contrast when we saw their partner are usually wearing casual attire, we can see higher contrast especially when this couple going to a dinner or attending a wedding, there is more which can give this contrast but I think we got the idea.
Man in sexy attire? I never seen it before, because it’s a thin line to define sexy for Man, to show off biceps? or six-packs? somehow some woman doesn’t really look into this.
To simply put this up, to attract woman is complicated, but man is dead simple :), so ladies, don’t get me wrong with this, it’s your advantage and a compliment.

This westernized pop culture has been runs for years slowly become common in Singapore, but yes we still preserve the Asian modesty, which is, of course, a good thing. Be it in streets, shopping malls, congested public transport, they are easily spotted, some are couple, with friends, and not a rarity, alone. The save environment and strict law to the offender make it convenient to express theirself.
But this freedom also come with a limit, couple months back we had an Abercombie gigantic banner in Orchard road, Singapore shopping heartbeat, the banner show a man lower part body with almost expose his.. part, it take sometimes this banner ads get displayed but afterall raised concern get addressed to put down this banner.

At first, encountering woman with sexy attire in public space made me feel awkward, but who doesn’t if you come from culturally different background. In Islam, we are ordered to lowering gaze and be modest,

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is Aware of what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest.” [An-Noor 30:31]

to protect yourself from whatever happened to you, or in this current culture, we call it to keep us in our Zen Mode.
Nowadays we sometimes made joke to take ‘lowering gaze’ literally, will not put us to modesty anymore, because they cut everything, upper part, lower part, everywhere :D.
I only see man used short clothing if they perform some sports activities, could be gym, running, paddling, till now, just sport. Once it happened to me to get brunch after running, it just come to me to go back and change clothes first until my friends said that compared to woman attire, we are still modest enough.

Now, I don’t pay attention at all to this womans with this attire, in congested MRT, they might be there around me, but I will get busy with my book or my cellphone, in which, literally we are lowering gaze 🙂 and now everyone looking at their cellphone, so really, above all, chatting, games, facebook/twitter status more appealing.
But this girl is stand out, hmm.. interesting, she’s using high heel, miniskirt, blonde dyed hair, backless, well this actually also common, so what is it? it is her tattoo, the tattoo visible on her white skin.
In quick glance I tought that I saw a letter.
I know that letter, so her tattoo is a words, but what was that ?
Out of curiousity I step up a bit to get closer, her tattoo located in her left back, but it written vertically.
Oh, I recognize the letter, it’s an arabic letter, but it could be farsi thou.
It is very difficult to read it is been covered partially with her left strap and other part with her hair, and the vertical position make it more difficult, arabic words start their writing from right to left, it means if we really want to read it, we need to tilt our head to the right, and who want to do this in public train? :D.

That’s it, I don’t know the meaning of those words, but I know it just a word, no harakah in there, but its enough to make me courious on what the story behind to make her put an tattoo in arabic, to me it just uncommon, and I bet her story must be interesting.
I saw people have a tattoo in Chinese character, Japanese kanji, Hindi, Sanskirt, Galeic, old Latin, and dragon, but The Girl With The Arabic Tattoo? first time.
I am back again to put my attention to the book, read another interesting story, and waiting the electronic voice announcing my station.


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