Using Windows 8 Preview

The new approach from Microsoft by giving free download on Windows 8 are great, I have use it for couple of month and my impression for the boot time is huge leap compared to my previous XP, or should I said, we should not compare it at all, it’s a different class.

Machine is reason why Windows 8 come as my top list, I am using Dell 630 with XP and most of my activity just surfing the net, 4 hours top, including throw a movie player. See, basically I did nothing right? 🙂 this laptop takes in count of minute to boot up, it’s not boot up really, but loading XP, until it come to user login screen, and after that it will try to load my profile until it fully ready to use. I think the main reason could be the anti virus, I have McAffee, but for the good or bad, the time taken for do nothing, it’s an unacceptable trade off. Unbelieveable.

Linux is the alternative, my top choice still Ubuntu, to date. I feel that Ubuntu is the most useful distro out there, oh and Mint! Ubuntu have greater vision compared to other distro in my view. Here is why I put Ubuntu as my second choice, somehow Oneiric Ocelot failed to install in D630, i don’t know what really happen, installation actually went pretty smooth, but after restarting, it just fail to boot up.
Workaround, of course, I have Natty Narwhal working fine with D630, install and upgrade it to Oneiric Ocelot, sweet :-), but it not come with problem, wireless led keep on blinking and network kind of unstable, processor work harder I can hear the noisy fan.

The early developer preview Window 8 release is just in time for this situation, I need something new, I can’t recall that Microsoft ever give release their OS early, usually they have secretive nature. It could be their new Metro UI framework is their big push behind it.

Windows 8 really pay off, installation went smooth in D630, the boot time, to loading profile come in count of seconds! I am happy with this performance. Great. But after using it for couple of months,  it doesn’t come with glitch, not glitch, crash! I can easily put this Developer Preview to the infamous blue screen, just throw movie player and play it, either it will give you flickered graphic(it will stay until the next power-cycle) or blue screen, both are bad thou.

This is the most error message which pop up in blue screen, just before it’s restarting. I believe the Microsoft team collect all the user data and put the fixes for this issue, proved with after couple updates this issue hardly come. Hardly doesn’t means never, I sometimes can throw the issue by playing movie with mp4 format, it might come from my favourite video player, the thing is, media player also throw the same error, blue screen it is.

Overall, my experience with Windows 8 so far is positive, good for me who just use it for internet, and entertainment (sadly, sometimes I doesn’t count surf the web as entertaining).

Btw, Microsoft improve the blue screen, it came with lighter blue color, and emoticon.


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