Bring Back The Single Single Life

Last tuesday was another office day but a busy night, that day run calmly, a bit sunny with fine temperature.
I went down to the office not knowing what day it was, or it might happen if I know that thay was special, I will ignore it, not for me, anymore.

Once I reached my desk, I did quick through at my pending task, and find one particular job I need to discuss with other team, I pick that one, it’s better to do it early when it’s hot.
We were looking at this issue closely, it’s quite fun in the process so we kind of unaware what happen around us, until big laughter made us turn our head away from screen. Ok, we had a clue to the issue, this also make me turn my guard, but the laugh is different, laugh like this in office? what’s going on?

Happy face, BIG smile, there is BIG box of chocolate with vivid color decoration, nicely packed. Oh you the lucky b.. beast, we congratulate him and he share the story, not the chocolate of course but he will have tough fun time to finish all the chocolate thou.

It was valentine day, Feb 14.

Single life was long gone, and I am not accustomed with this celebration, it just hype and not following the crowd, not riding the wave not made me outstanding, but I think I was :D, at young age everyone want to be different, special, and outstanding, don’t we?

brought me back being young

My office located opposite of NUS, it’s a good thing that I can experience this festive back, it’s brought me back being young :D, well we need to define what is: young.

I don’t know about the custom in Singapore during this festive, but I saw popular girls and boys, who lucky and I also think cute, have an abundance stuffs in their hand, literally, a LOT.
I saw the have chocolate, rose, rose bucket, handcraft, baloon! in hand, some might feel jealous to them, but it just clowny to me taking all that stuff in MRT. Oh, baloon, with shape, that’s funny.

Congratulation once more, enjoy your Single moment, with or without choccolate.


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