Moving out

Guys, I moved ninovsnino blog website to πŸ™‚

And the question is “why?”, of course this wordpress blog is free, spam free, and hack free, and it seem I cannot find any good stuff without adding -free at it. So why do I move to personal hosting? that’s also cost me money.
A lot of question to myself, and i convince myself to keep doing it, here is why with couple reason, I don’t know if this will work or not, time will tell.

Why do I take hassle on managing new website?
As a naturally lazy person, but might work otherwise if I had given responsibility. I usually take responsibility quite well, and since this is my own space ( i create it myself, and pay it ) i think i have something to look on at least once a week? but my expectation is more intense, more than once a week. Quite aggressive, but for my own expectation it should be higher? I believe so.

What about the extra money for hosting?
It’s inevitable, you need to pay to almost everything if you want to get your own space, in exchange we will get a freedom. I choose liberation than a dime. What I can do with such power, the outcome? this is different matter πŸ˜›

I setup this page with wordpress, means blogging -again-?
It is meant for personal space, of course in essence to share with other who have similar interest with what i feel, think, experience, and to express my feeling. This just a medium, there is plenty choice of media, but nevertheless wordpress is an amazing product, and i don’t see i will change it in the next 3 years. If this considered blogging, then it is.

What will happen with security issue?
I have more reason to keep it and protect it, be more resilient. I think this is a good problem to solve, and it will keep me to read more stuff.

Will I really maintain this website?
Consistentcy is the secret of a defending champion, the key ingredient. It’s -easy- possible to reach the top, but extremely difficult to stay at it. This actually what I lacking of, it might be my schedule or something else, but whatever it is, creating this website give me more thrill to keep looking at it, update it, share on it.

But, there is not much of visitor right?
Absolutely right, but does it matter? πŸ™‚

That just a simple answer, cause actually I don’t know how to have the right answer for all that questions.
However, please just enjoy it, and I am open with all comment and suggestion to improve myself.

Have fun atΒ, see you there.


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