Our Celebrity Peer

Having done writing code for years, sparks my interest to other celebrity coders out there, maybe the celebrity label is not the right fit for them, because they are really good at our profession, good thinker, and engineer, who really care about their work quality.

good engineering, talent, focus, self-esteem, dedication, and hard-work

Celebrity might not a right word but it is not rare to other profession as well, I believe in other business they also have what they called it the rock star of …let say… almost anything! you have your financial manager/advisor peer with midas touch, turn their investor money to gold paper (I wish I know them, introduce me please, I am IN), your plastic surgeon peer where movie star line up to get his schedule, your CEO peer who create market, your lawyer peer who always nailed good case, your Dubai’s skyscraper architect peer, and it also go to simple things like your sculptor peer from the next shop, recording artist, youtube artist, shoe maker, painter, driver (Jason Statham should ring a bell)?, we can put all fields and the list is go on and on.
Oh, OK, they are celebrity, with their own audience depend on how you define it.

To rock star coder it is a mixture of good engineering, talent, focus, self-esteem, dedication, and hard-work. That was just on personal factor, just to be complete there’s also other factor in time, peers, market, and bit of competition.

Rock star attribute is not that mentioned, it’s actually not defined, what defined them is mostly on their work result. We need to trace it backward, we call it debugging, which is part of our work, but here is how we have defined who is our rock star peer,
we got their great work/product, find the man behind it, see, look, study how they achieve it, what is their behaviour, way of thinking, and we can break down the attribute for such person/company rock star.

Having all the rock star attribute will not guarantee you will produce great product, it will increase the probability, yes, but not guarantee, in this area is where we can bet on them, put our money to invest in, and in fact this is what Venture Capital do, and making money.

3 years back in my old company we have project, on the initial meeting my Project Manager striving for one particular resource “I want HIM!”, how sweet.
“How he did it?”, I asked my colleague. He’s joining the company the same batch with the rock star.
“It’s the same when we were at school remember? there is always a kid with a top grades, it happen like that” he reply it with relaxed smile, like just telling me it’s just happen everywhere, there is no secret in it.

Here is what I learn from the rock star, I work with him about 5 years ago, back then when we were in South Korea, we got critical issues, always the same coder story, he came, take the toughest issue, sit there till 3 am the next day, and solve it, going back to hotel, return at 8:30, repeat for the next 3 days for the other 3 top issues, come the attribute:

  • hard work and patient
  • attention to detail
  • find the root cause
  • compare several solution to tackle the issue, find the best.
  • get feedback and review
  • test the final solution

nothing special it seems, but that was make a celebrity, the steps are hard, simple and obvious.

Behind the steps it require you to understand what are you working at, sometime we are young coder don’t understand what we are working at, I see it a lot these day in young coder, but it might be my reflection back then.


Just don’t deliver crappy work!

we are the celebrity. 🙂


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