This is it

Watching Michael Jackson This is it movie, this movie just describe me more about what is a superstar.

I grew up with his songs, and of course, dances. That doesn’t make me sing his song, or dance like him, that can be an ultimate embarrassment for me, but if only i got caught in cam 😀

I asked Joe to buy the movie pass before i changed my time zone again on the next day, well for me was a pay off.
MJ dances in his old age, still a great move from him, remember all different dances/choreography on each song, well he created. He also sound like what he produce on the record, no pitch, prove of his original sound what he have, like no effect was put for his records.

It is amazing that he and his team make an audition on his stage concert, people from age 20’s or 30’s, means half of his age. They all good looking, talented, in dance and musics, for the dancers, most of them inspired by MJ.
He also push them to his “adventure” to reach a certain level of a world class performance, he tell dance moves, music key note, stage lightning in the way to bring them self up, not dictate them.

This movie teach me to learn directly from the King. What an attitude and passion to make him rules.


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