The Shaheeda

Marwa al-Sherbini.

I hope you guys ever heard about her story.
It’s a tragedy.

July 1st, 2009.
She was prepared to give evidence to the court in Dresden, Germany.
Her testimony used to convict and fine a German of Russian descent man, who try to remove her hijab/jilbab and called her terrorist.
She was come to the court along with his husband, yet the tragedy begin.

The convicted man run across the court and stabbed her 18 times. Terrible.
“Oh? wait a sec, she was coming with her husband, where is the husband? why he’s not try to protect her from this barbaric man.”
This tragic not over yet.
The husband wad been shoot by the court officer because the officer thought he was the attacker.
Marwa al-Sherbini is dead, her husband is hospitalized unconsciousness.

To be sad, there is lack formal reaction from the official, and also no media coverage to bring this tragic in their headlines. Many people believed that the media coverage will be opposite it the tragic happen vice versa. 😦

Indeed, her heroic and brave determination to defend her hijab/jilbab, and her status as Shaheeda / Martyr gain an immense support to proposed as World Hijab Day in her memory.



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