uneducated Jakarta bombers

My deeply sympathy for the victims of Jakarta bomb blast on 2009-07-17.

Indonesia got a shock with this tragedy.
Let’s Indonesian Police take care of this, we must believe they can solve this case, they did it pretty well with the previous bombers case.

The profiles.
It was believed, since Bali bomb case, there is 2 intellectual actor behind this, Dr. Azhari and Noordin M Top, both of them is citizen of Malaysia, stated in National wanted list with bounty with it. Police had kill Dr. Azhari during an assault because he refuse to surrender, followed with a bomb blast in his hideout -of course, he’s a bomber-.
Left Noordin M Top as main suspect of this terror.
Some media stated from a police officer, that the bomb which used using the same mark as the previous case.

The momentum.
It was unease for Indonesian dealing with the fact, left us with frustration.
Our economy still march forward during global economic crisis.
Democration held properly, we’re dealing it with coolheaded.
We gain trust from other country as well from a world class organization.
Yet, it just all stopped for a while with this bombs. But, we keep on marching.

The feeling.
I notice on the reaction of peoples around me during the previous bomb tragedy with the current.
It was all said, about condolences for the victim, and just thinking “oh God, It’s another bomb”.
Now, we had more out loud comment, “reveal the main actor, who dare to do this in our country”. “Indonesia Unite”.
See the difference, now people getting smarter to read this, this isn’t related with that jihadist mambo jambo. Jihadist was just package from the media for us to believe.
We know something bigger is involved behind this.

This tragedy just stop our steps for a minutes, we keep on marching forward. 🙂


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