many things to DO

Hey Guys, quite a long absence yea?

Theese days I’ve been busy with works -of course-, the tight schedule, demanding customer, 3rd party schedule -here we count another department as 3rd party-, timezone, bugs!.
But of course that should be another part to make it more glittery, traveling -yeap, i love this part- but, facing the killing schedule, it just take away my expectation in traveling and dump my love of it, tie and keeping me always on my desk or labs. -not only keep me in office, but desk, note that!-  😦 . Now itself my compie shows 11:09 pm and still some hours eaten process need to DO.

Last week we got mail distributes among the team member that the team in Seoul take some task, integrate it, and tested successfully at 3 am.

busy in all places.


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