our road

About Me,
In relationship, I’m more being a bad guy in the end of the day, because of my shitty attitude. I’m having a problem to show passion, care, and love to person who close with me, including my own family. I’m being a good companion, but not if it going into detail things, personal touch, loving care. Being a cheesy, romantic, comedy movie guy is not really for me, although i enjoy watching thoose kind of movies. Me glad my fams understand me for this.

About Njeh,
Loving, smart, caring, vibrant, everyting I need for my lover is in Njeh. She know how to make a good relationship, know how to become a good kid to show respect to parents and others, know peoples, how to mingle. Njeh know how everything should running, make it that way and get it done. Amazing isn’t it? That’s make me love Njeh even more an more.

About Us,
Let say we’re now going to some other town. Njeh like to fill full gasoline and take a highway for all the good reasons. Me, on the opposite other way, like to just go and take any interesting scenery, rocky road, dusty road, back to highway, get off form highway to fill a fuel, stopping by to take some meal, for all of MY reason. My stubbornness take most part of me to define my way, just make me deaf. The loving part is that Njeh willing to follow me, but Njeh keep bugging me to make me listen. Us keep on arguing, it will never end. It is tiring. But us know we will always together and really really enjoy the journey 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “our road

  1. uhuuuuy…..it’s sooooo…..sweeeeeet…..
    you two are the sweetest couple I’ve ever known on my late twenties…

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