It’s been quite a long time since I’ve not done any international flight, 5 month already, well my SGP – SBY trip is not considered as international flight for me, just like a normal trip, cause it just take 2 hours long. 2 hours just like the time for taking route from kalimalang to kemanggisan, or kalimalang to bintaro, back then when i was living in Jakarta πŸ˜‰ , what a city huh?

I was checking my mails at the office, and i got the subject from my travel agent, my itenerary. I just take a quick look, my departure and arrival date and time than i have it printed, I read it again, and i notice 1 small line, preferred meal: MOML.

MOML adalah kode untuk makanan muslim, jadi untuk teman-teman yang pingin tetap berada di zona aman, ada pilihan kok πŸ˜‰ . For some airlines we can choose our meal before flight, means a day or two days before departure.

When I’m going to Surabaya or Jakarta, I never give a notice for a meal served, it is because usually i pick an Indonesian airlines which in general they will stated that the meal served by them is halal, or I most of the time will pick a very low budget airlines, or in indonesian i will say: a budget-get-get airlines -halaaaah-

Here the stewardess serving the meal, the other passanger get a chicken steak with lime over it to make it a bit sour, and salad dressing with ham. The other menu is a lamb chop, cooked with wine, to make it tender … –jangkrik, ngiler tenan rek– . Than I received mine, there is a “MOML” label on it, gado-gado with unattractive bean sauce, “hmm, let me open the main dish“, ayam opor , aiyoooh.

When I taste it, it is taste the same like my first glance at the gado-gado‘s bean sauce. Kurang bumbu, Indonesian expect a food with strong ingredient/taste, it is hard to find when we are abroad. My expectation for this MOML food, eventhough it is a malay menu, was not meet that.

Later on I understand, why the food on the plane taste like that. Because people have a different stomach, and because aeroplane just have 2 toilets for 100 seats πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “MOML

  1. hihihi… stepping by. Hm.. such a nice posting about MOML and its reason. That’s why I love Indonesia so much,I can find HALAL everywhere… huahahaha…
    Btw, Kalimalang… hm… sounds familiar, which side of kalimalang are you?

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