logging my head

what is blogging for me?
People have number of reasons to blogging, but what is it for me?
Is it fame? popular? trend? self expression? make controversy of today issues? publish your idea?
Some of above reasons may true for me when I initially decide to sign-up in blog site.

Looking back when the first time I blog, I have no sincere reasons for blogging, and my laziness ragged me so bad, it is still there for today though.
Time passing, now I’m trying to keep blogging constantly, I’ll increase my target from once a month (soo lazy) to twice a month or once a week.

I found one of my weakness from blogging, it is that I cannot put my head on writings, structurally. Well, indeed chatting via messenger help me to put my words in writings, but it is totally different with log. How do I solve my problem? by keeping posting, reply a thread with cool mind. Anyway, it is free.
I need this, because putting my head on writings is necessary for me to pursue a master degree 😉 .


4 thoughts on “logging my head

  1. Langsung Comment :
    1. Kalo aku pertama kali nge-blog, latah ikut suami
    2. Mulai ngeh kalo nge-blog bisa membantu kelemahanku “nulis”
    3. Ekspresi ma aktualisasi diri kali ya…
    4. Nambah temen…buat sharing ma diskusi
    5. Promosi bisnis….hehehehe…

  2. Chaiyoooo…..semangat ya Nooo….
    Aku juga baru sebulan sekali kok ngisi blogku…hehehe…
    Padahal banyak ide, tapi maleeeuuuss banget ngetiknya
    Maen2lah ke blogku di fs…:D

  3. hmm, pertama ngeblog, pengen jadiin blog itu sbg diary online. di tengah-tengah, tanpa sadar ternyata aku nulis hanya untuk eksis-eksisan, banyak-banyakin komentar, dll. but finally, akhirnya aku ngga peduli sm berapa banyak komentar di postinganku, yg penting aku udah ngungkapin apa yg ada di pikiranku 🙂

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