Indiana Jones – next gen?

Finally, I watched the fourth movie of Indiana Jones a couple days ago, after reading my blog’s title maybe some of you will say “Indiana Jones??? it’s soooo last year nino” 😀 , naaah, it’s ok for me.

I watched the previous three movies -yeah, I like it!-, and this fourth movie give the same flavor, also they’re included Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones icon, it is important for not-loosing-Indiana Jones-identity, some nostalgic feeling for the movies may involved? 😉
This movie is explicitly telling that there will have change generation from Henry Jones Jr to Henry Jones III(Shia LaBouef), we can expect the next X-quels will come -will it be?-

What I love about Indiana Jones is about how he can solve the treasure riddle? what is the mystery beneath it? how he manage to get there? what is the treasure? The Adventure. But in this movie all those question is not really impress me, just OK. My favorite mystery was the invisible bridge from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I like Cate Blanchett do the part of “Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalko” -I’m saying it with that strong eastern Europe accent 🙂 –


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