about a social networking

I bet you have at least 1 account in some social networking site. I join one of the popular social networking site as well at that time, I dont remember when is the exact time, i guess it sometime around… when i still in univ. i was not really look into that website cause i more enjoying outdoor activity rather than look much into pc and do school exercise, it was many-friends-join-there-and-asked-me-to-join which motivated me to join. But than i put more attention into this site just right after i had my first job, i had more time on PC, and i was searching contacts of friends, connecting with friends motivated me to put more time in this site. Well, outdoor activities is not reflected with me anymore, i always cursing for that 😀

Right now, there is more than 40 popular social networking sites, and some country identic with particular site, like US with myspace, south-east asia with friendster, india with orkut, japan with mixi, south korea with cyworld, and also include with local social network sites. It is understandable, some country will have their own community which make them stick to one site only.

More and more social network sites has grown wild 🙂 and force a body to make it standardize, it is not only for the money (advertising), but also for it’s trend, hip, and fame 😉 . So you can imagine if we found friends who ask us “hey, go join this A site” “find me on B site” .. and so on, just crazy, it is not worth a time for me to maintain a lot of account (i guess for others too). I decided not to add another nor change.

Some undergraduates from stanford univ. smell this as a good business, they create web apps. which can connect all of these social network sites, and we can search person across them, nice idea.

And new site come to town, and i did join and maintain it, of course there’s reasons behind:
1. Most of my friends have account on this site.
2. Nice User Interface (compare to the old one, which has unbalance advertising banner .. yuck)
3. easy to use (i have complaint that initially it was not easy, it was complicated, too much features and addons scattered on main page, but they fix it recently, neat, organize page is shown now)

The important one, it is the group and RSVP application which make me encourage others to use this site. I had experience helping marko and vieda organize their Buka Puasa BBQ, make an Event, preparing lists of invitation, send it to them, and there is menu for invitee to respond, with their respond we can populate the data and decide how much food we have to prepare, budget, whether the place is enough for this number of people or not, or the place is too big, or whatever. Useful.
Later on, I want to make an event in Jember, high-school mates, class of 99, we only have mailing list to maintain communication among us, and messenger for “non-official” communication line. I sent the invitation to the mailing list, got responses, and had problem to populate it, and present it as a data. I was wondering about an application for class of 99, the member should login to this application, and it easy for me too maintain.
Should I make this application? or should i grouping people on the social network site, and make invitation accordingly? which one is better? re-invite the wheel? or optimize the other?

It is not that easy to abandon the other account, but I just hate maintain lots of account, especially when it’s better and free application 😉

They should pay me for this blog.


3 thoughts on “about a social networking

  1. hihihiiii, nino nino….sama banget sie ky ulan tulisannya…since ur blogs both r talking abt da same issue…pasti sebelumnya abis bahas bareng & ngeluarin pemikiran” *analisis* ttg social networking ini yah….

    anywaaaaay….qta blom ketemuuuu….!!!! sebelum lo b2 married, ketemuan dulu duooonk…hihihiiii….lo harus lulus seleksi dari gw (y secara blom gw seleksi aja dah langsung lulus koq, wkakakkaa….)

  2. to Icha:
    Iya, ntar gw ke jakarta nov. kita ketemuan yaa, ntar tak mempersiapkan diri buat fit n proper test dah hihihi.

    to titik-titik-titik:
    yaelaaahhhh… telat looo, kagak dari dulu, sekarang pas gw dah mo merit ajah, pake lenjeh2. uehueheuh

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